It’s the rap Mae West to Q - B, And I got all my sisters with me

You know I love the way you feel-a, sip my tequil-a
Works from the dealers, all in chinchilla [X]

I had to let ya know, that I got a crush on you 


New Pic: Lil’ Kim, Charlamagne, Angela Yee & DJ Envy

Lil’ Kim For One World Magazine [2003] Shot By Alexei Hay


New: Lil’ Kim Performs Live At Source 360

                  Kim Of BK 
Lil' Kim As Joan Of Arc For Marc Jacobs


Lil’ Kim & Mary J. Blige For MAC VIVA Glam.

To this day, Their campaign is the highest grossing of all time.

But it’s NOT!

Do you lack the ability to read or are you just plain out fucking stupid? Selling an individual lipstick doesn’t account for having the ‘highest grossing ‘CAMPAIGN' you abominal twat. kims & mary's campaign  has been the highest for more than a decade now. You children really lack the basic essential intelligence to decipher these sort of things. The insecurity is REAL when A 'hater' goes to the effort to find A kim post & try discredit it lmao.


We fly like kites never gettin' into fights. [x]